Automatic Gate Closer Description


Picture of the Automatic Gate Closer in action on a fence
  • Automatic self closing gate
  • Dual Adjustment time delay allows for one person operation
  • Fully mechanical (no power required) can be used in remote areas
  • Quick latch system ensures that your gate stays securely closed
  • Fits all metal tube gates from 4-16 feet
  • Saves you time and money checking gates and gathering strays
  • Provides you with the piece of mind you deserve knowing that your gate will always remain shut!

307 MFG Gate Closer - Once fully opened, you will have between 30 seconds and 5 minutes to pass through the gate before it automatically closes.

The 307 MFG Gate Closer is a mechanical time delayed self-closing gate system. As it does not require power to operate, it can be mounted on most any metal gate in remote areas. The dual adjustment tension spring and hydraulic cylinder allow for infinite adjustments to fit any gate applications. As many metal gates will sag down over time, the spring loaded gate latch was designed to effectively secure any gate regardless of how low the gate sags (so long as it does not touch the ground).

The 307 Gate Closer was designed to ensure that gates remain closed, providing you peace of mind and eliminating costly trips to check on gates. Once the gate is opened, the adjustable hydraulic cylinder holds the gate open for the period of time you determine, allowing an individual to safely pass through the gate before the tension spring closes the gate. Both the tension spring and hydraulic cylinder are adjustable so that the system can accommodate different lengths and weights of metal gates. 4 ft to 16 ft gates that are between 18 to 20 gauge in thickness are recommended.

Please call 307 MFG at 307-349-0333 if you have any questions and order your Automatic Gate Closer today!

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