ATV Backpacker Cart

Your ATV is one of the most convenient and powerful workhorses you could own. However, to fully exploit this power, there has always been a need to increase the cargo carrying capacity while maintaining your ATV's compact composition. This problem has now been solved with the introduction of the new ATV BACKPACKER CART!

When transporting, the 85 lb. ATV Backpacker cart folds up and fits behind most any ATV or UTV, allowing you to maximize your hauling capacity. This feature allows your ATV and cart to fit easily in the bed of your pickup without giving up valuable cargo space. Long box pickup owners are still able to close their tailgate!

ATV Backpacker roll elk on trailer

The ATV Backpacker enables one person to load heavy cargo by themselves! The patented lift design allows one person to load and transport heavy cargo easily, by simply rolling the cargo onto the bed of the cart and using the leaver arms to lift the cart, while placing the wheels in the transport position!

ATV Backpacker Cart

When hunting, your ATV BACKPACKER cart greatly reduces the time and effort needed to retrieve game from the field. If you enjoy hunting with your friends, this allows everyone to spend less time packing and more time enjoying their hunt.

During the early season when the weather is warmer, the ATV BACKPACKER cart shortens your transport time in the field allowing you to begin processing your animal sooner.

We always recommend that you follow local, state and federal hunting laws and regulations pertaining to ATV usage.

ATV Backpacker Cart
ATV Backpacker Cart


The ATV Backpacker is a much needed addition for your farm or ranch operation. From hauling hay and fencing supplies, to transporting those new-born baby calves to the barn, your ATV Backpacker cart was made for the rugged outdoor and built to last!

ATV Backpacker Cart

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* All Carts come standard with a Black Powder-coat Finish!


  • Length: Main Frame 52 ¼ inches; Total Length 78 inches
  • Width: Main Frame 32 inches; Total Width 49 ¼ inches
  • Wheel Base: 43 inches
  • Ground Clearance: Independent axles allow 13 inches of clearance
  • Cart Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Frame: T 60/61 Tempered/hardened aircraft aluminum
  • Color: All carts come with a black powder coat finish
  • Wheels: 17 inch steel rims, high speed sealed bearings, 6 ply pneumatic tires
  • Shipping Specs: Box- 43"x47"x13", Weight- 110lbs.
  • Load Capacity: 800 lbs.

ATV Backpackers Cart

Please Click here to download the owners manual for additional information.